A once math punk rocker turned off-kilter lo-fi guitarrist turned dream pop troubadour, Candi is always holding onto prog and krautrock, even under all the rich synthy scapes. A hypnotic performer, wild dancer, an acrobatic singer and a stand up comedian of the filthiest dark humor.

Secret Salts is Pictorial Candi's 4th LP album. Released on Mansions & Millions (Berlin) and on Nicey Music (L.A.). It is an album about walking back and forth over the thin line of sanity while bracing yourself and laughing intimately.
A love for prog rock and art house can be heard under a dream pop synthscape. A love for Hal Hartley, Schooly D, Dean Blunt, Popol vuh, R Stevie Moore, a love for mix tapes.

"...You can feel the artistic order and consistency - the plan (a very good plan) was skilfully made - melodic lines were beautifully drawn (and even on the bass - like in Softest Cosmos), the timbre of the instruments was beautifully refined. However, everything unique in Pictorial Candi begins, and how differently, when the voice of Candelaria appears - and these are once again great, expressive, original and immediately memorable vocal lines. [...] The arrangements in Secret Salts are also at the highest level, I don't remember a better album with songs this year in Poland. I certainly didn't adore any as much as this." Translated from Przegląd Wydawniczy

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Candelaria Saenz Valiente was born in Buenos Aires and now lives in Berlin. She is a musician, writer and filmmaker. She studied hard throughout her life: voice since she was 8, film at the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, arranging and composition in Berklee College of Music in Boston, creative writing... She was the songwriter and crazy front woman of the now cult Polish band Paristetris with whom she toured the world. She’s the author of a monumentally large performance installation called La sensación de ser Mr. Luxus Reinstaldt and is the published author of a novel and a book of short fiction. Candi likes to invent things, her latest invention, the Ebertonium Candidus, is an analog synthesizer that amplifies the sounds of light bulbs, which in turn can be altered and pitch bent.
She has written, directed and starred in a pilot for a comedy tv show called “Good morning! The morning show” which is currently in post-production.
Under the stage name Pictorial Candi she's written and produced 4 LP albums. She plays rarely but has kept many die hard fans across the world.


Among various other videoclips, she’s directed Star Gel, Rhoda, Dead Teens and Got things to do (Portrait of an artist as an insurance salesman). Look at the dirty video section on the website or simply youtube.

Berlin full band album release show 22.11.2019


"Valiente’s music is good to have, her crooning is etched in my head. Here it feels cosmic, a picture of the universe as the loneliest bedroom." "There’s a feeling of David Lynch here [...] the frailty and guileless self-pleasure of the lady in the radiator." Post-trash (below the full review)